Refinishing And Installation Of Hardwood Floors In Northridge

Yes, L.A Hardwood Floors, is glad to offer all of our services, including and not limited to refinishing, installation, flooring, sanding to all our clients in Northridge.

Do you want to start refinshing harwood floors in Northridge?

Most of our customers at L.A Hardwood Floors look for a total refinishing of their hardwood floors in Northridge when worn or bare spots begin to appear, or scratching has become too much to handle. In some cases a color change is desired, or many just may want to change the sheen level of the finish, or convert from a waxed finish to a less troublesome maintenance type finish. At L.A Hardwood Floors we consider this situation as an urgent top of the line refinishing hardwood floors process.

We decided to expand our business since our consumers from Northridge demanded last month, we proudly received our information from our marketing office that 78% of the questioned people was interested in refinishing or installing our hardwood floors in Northridge.

Here is some of the answers to the questions from the Northridge people interested in the refnishing and/or installing process.

What Happens When They Refinish My Floors? Dust?

This depends largely on who is doing the work. Some of the better professionals that care more about your indoor air quality have invested in dust extraction systems. Others may just have a bag attached to their sanding equipment which is not considered a good way to keep airborne dust out of your house.

Dust extraction systems take care of an enormous amount of dust and older finish materials that would otherwise linger in your home for months after the floor finisher leaves. Without it, you're likely to incur extra costs by calling in someone to clean the home top to bottom. Labor costs from guys that have this equipment will be higher, but what is more important?

For those that may not like the higher cost, chances are great you'll be living in a dust storm until the finishers leave. Dust can find it's way anywhere; into kitchen cabinets, heating and cooling system vents...everywhere unless you protect everything during the work. If costs are an issue, insist to the refinisher that he tape off rooms, cover drapes, and call in that cleaning crew once the work is done. Poor dust control may also have an effect on the final appearance, not to mention everyday health.

Maybe the finisher did a great job of insuring the final coat was free of dust particles, but floor finishes need time to cure. He may leave a flawless job, but let's say the kids come home from school and other fine dust particles are stirred up. You now have a not so perfect finish job.

When Is It Safe To Move Furniture Back In?

Some finishes will take longer to cure, but friendlier water based finishes will take the least amount of time. Conditions can vary and depends on relative humidity within the home or conditions outside if you want to speed up the odor removal with an open house. Any experienced floor finisher can better evaluate when it is safe to do so. You may also want to ask them about area rugs and when it is safe to use them.

How Long Does It Take?

We've based the following on how long the work should take. Included is one 400 square foot, square room with furniture moved and ready to go for the finisher. Water based finishes should take two days, while oil based finished three.


Laminate Floors - Northridge!

Laminate flooring is a super choice because, quite simply, no other type of floor covering comes close to providing you with such a wide variety of options. Whatever look you want for your home, be it rustic stone, soothing ceramic or classic wood like beech, merbau, oak, maple, cherry or walnut, it can likely be had with laminate flooring, and all at lower cost than the real thing. But let it be said, there is nothing unreal about laminate, that's because quality, style and durability come as standard!

Although introduced to the US market a mere decade ago, laminate flooring has rapidly become one of the hottest selling floor products in the United States today. Its popularity can be much attributed to its ease of installation, affordable price, ability to withstand tough utilization and much more. It's no wonder that billions of square feet of it have been sold over the years to homeowners all over the country, and even more worldwide.  

Laminate Flooring have been quick to catch on to the laminate trend and many now produce laminated floor planks and tiles in a bewildering array of styles, colors, textures and in a variety of different install formats, such as gluedown, click lock and floating amongst others.

A few long established manufacturers, such as Pergo and Armstrong, have become household names. Others are making a name for themselves by producing and bringing to the market high quality flooring in new styles and finishes that are quite literally leaving consumers floored! These are just a few of the companies producing quality laminate floorcoverings in various styles.


Such a broad choice can make it confusing for buyers to choose the right floor, even more so when you throw all the various tongue and groove systems, AC Ratings and choices of Hard Press and Direct Press Laminate options into the mix, so here at  Lahardwoodfloors we aim to inform you about the different brands, types, options and colors so that you can confidently proceed with purchasing a laminate floor that is right for you. 

Please browse our site to learn about the benefits of laminate floor coverings, their durability and how affordable they are. We hope that you too will become the proud owner of a laminate floorcovering that speaks volumes about who you are and what good taste you have when it comes making home improvements. 






One of the big advantages of Solid Hardwood flooring is that Wood flooring
can be restored And refinished many times over it's life, recovering the
beauty they once had. Restoring And refinishing your Hardwood floors can
make a huge difference in their appearance, revealing a beautiful Hardwood
Floor which helps create a beautiful home!

Prime Hardwood Floors offers Hardwood Floor refinishing in
the Los Angeles area. Check
Our Services page for the cities
we serve. We offer free
Estimates And Consultations
A Service Provided to You at No Cost
Our goal is to consider every situation on an individual
basis.  We will evaluate your residential or commercial space
And provide you With an accurate And competitive estimate for
your flooring project.
To give you an idea of our competitive pricing, sanding With
3 coats of finish starting at $2.50 per square foot.

  • Dull, too dark or too light? If you have just moved
    to a new home And the finish is too dark or too light
    to your taste. When your Hardwood floors lose their
    sheen, our techniques will restore their appearance With
    a beautiful, smooth finish. Refinishing can be a solution
    for you.

  • Restoration. Wood floors can appear worn especially in
    high-traffic areas like entryways, halls And kitchens. If
    there’s scuffing, scratches, or visible wear, your Floor
    may benefit from our restoration process. You could also
    have to opportunity to change the finish to a darker or
    lighter shade.

  • Deep scratches or cracks? We can repair And
    conceal most flooring imperfections And completely
    remove severe damage.

  • Is it messy And time consuming? The refinishing
    process includes sanding And scraping the floors down
    to the natural Wood.  Our process keeps mess to a
    minimum on most projects. We can usually complete the
    project in minimum time, letting you return to your
    normal schedule.

Three to four hours after the last coat is applied, you can walk in the
area With socks And move furniture using felt padding (do not drag
furniture across the floors, but lift And place it).  However, if you have
area rugs, you must wait seven days before you can lay them down
again.  The floors should be maintained in this manner for the first 36
hours after the last coat of finish is applied.

  • Longevity of your refinished flooring. While there
    are a number of factors that affect the actual longevity
    of your refinished/restored flooring, you can expect it to
    look beautiful And smooth for many years. The less
    wear on your floors, the longer the restoration will last.

Follow directions from our Maintenance page to learn how to care for your


Hardwood flooring services for Northridge are here!!! We are glad to let the Northridge town enjoy all of our services, including and not limited to refinishing hardwood floors Northridge, installation hardwood floors Northridge, laminate floors Northridge and sanding hardwood floors Northridge.



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